New Brands Rocking The Golf Nation

As I have been recently interacting with the golf realm. I'm noting that the game of golf has a PLETHORA of new brands entering the game. From Vice Golf, Short Par 4, as well as really new upcoming brand that is called East Side Golf. 

Honestly, Vice is cool and I definitely believe that they have latched unto a HUGE market. A market for most golfers who have great stuff for an affordable price. What's better than getting golf balls that are just as great as Titleist Pro V1's but just for half the price. I love that I can feel that I can compete with the very best with affordable NON ASTRONOMICALLY priced equipment. That is such a plus. If you ever visit the website just look at the colors, that will take you by storm for sure! 

Now unto Short Par 4, I think  this is is a cool idea in providing subscription boxes in which you can receive cool stuff for a cool price of $49.99 a month. What I think separates them apart is their packaging and overall branding. As soon as you get the box, it is wrapped with dope designs. So you're immediately emerged into the brand OFF RIP. That is so important in capturing consumers and audiences. What's also nice, and this was mentioned before, is the top of the line products they offer. From Calloway shorts to puma sock, you can definitely tell they are introducing golfers to capitalize on the fashionable experience of golf. 

Lastly but not least is East Side Golf. Now this is a very UNIQUE brand. They are offering and providing a newer element to golf more specifically catered to a diversified younger audience. By their cool logo of a guy swinging a club It's almost a movement if you will and catches the eye of a lot of young players. Watchout for this brand!

These are the brands that I foresee will, if they haven't already, takeover the golfing realm within the next 2-5 years. OH BY the way checkout my new brand, ETees Golf! This is a brand that wants to ensure that golfers CRUSH THE COURSE whether it is by style or providing individuals our essentials to do so. Take a look at our initial products. The Minbox which will have everything you need for 9 holes. A Great golf Gift  for avid golfers for a great price. Check us out!

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