PGA Guidelines for Golf Courses to Re-opening Phases

For those who have been eagerly waiting, the PGA will return in Mid June specifically June 11-14 in Texas. The reopening will come from 3 phases: 

"Phase 1: Players will exercise social distancing while walking or riding in cart alone. gatherings of more than 10 people will be prohibited. Additionally, other virus related course rules will be in place like removing bunker rakes and keeping the flagstick in.

Phase 2: This is for normal groups of people to play together. Also the number of people allowed to socialize will increase to 50. 

Phase 3: Minimizing time spent in crowded places. The people that are considered vulnerable groups will no longer be discouraged from playing. The flagstick will be able to be removed and all golf club house operations may resume as normal." This information was strongly based by credited by Kevin Cunningham.

Additionally, where a mask. Just because things are open doesn't mean people should not adhere to CDC guidelines. This is the plague of the century. We want people to contuse and stay being healthy.

Also don't shake hands. Yes this is going to be hard since golf is known to incorporate extreme etiquette. Avoid if all necessary, maybe a head nod will do. 

Lastly, if you're heading out to the course make sure you're equipped with ETees Golf Gift boxes. They are quite awesome to have especially for playing a round. 

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