The Story of the Stinger

Story of The Stinger
One of the coolest looking shots in the game of golf is undeniably the stinger. If you follow us on IG you will definitely see how much love we have for that shot. From left to right or right to left and lie control, But what is the purpose behind this shot besides style points and running up the views on IG? 

Well believe it or not stingers are great for playing on days where there is an extraordinary amount of wind. Moreso, playing into the wind. A low trajectory and ball flight is very ideal in keeping distance and the wind from knocking it down. 

Who invented it?

The person, the one and only G.O.A.T, Tiger Woods created this shot. Well, he actually learned this flashy skill from his Pops. He realized that more airborne balls had more room for error to move off target. To mitigate that drift, he started working on low line drive shots. 

How can I hit the shot? 

1. “Select a 4 iron or lower.

2. Place ball in the middle of your stance.

3. Place 60% of weight on the front of your feet.

4. Lead your swing with your hands. This helps ensure lower trajectory. 

5. Loosen your arms. This is ideal for increasing velocity”

-Zac Radford, One of the best to do it on the gram.  

As someone who loves trying to find new ways to improve my golf game, I always try to find new ways to manage the course. This shot definitely helps especially with creativity factor. As you head out to practice this insane shot, remember it doesn't matter if it is teed up or not. It can be achieved with a tee and guarantee the same results. If you are short on tees for the next round, don't forget to pick up some ETees Ec0 X Tees to help the keep the environment clean. Good luck!

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