Golf tips during quarantine?

During these times of Quarantining, many golfers are forced to stay inside to avoid the virus. If you're an avid golfer, cabin fever is becoming harder and harder to deal with everyday. How can you keep your golf game consistent without access to a golf course or golf range? These are some things that can help you're game stay strong while inside: 

1.Swing with a broom. It sounds funny I know. Take a few practice swings with a driver. Then grab a broom. Yes, and ordinary broom. Since the swing with your broom has the same arc as a driver, the drag from the broom is greater using the same concept as a driver swing. The broom's purpose is to generate more speed. After a couple of swings with the broom, switch back you your driver. You will noice your hands will push through the swing zone faster! 

2. Putt to a tee. Everyone has done it before but putting towards a tee is fundamental for accuracy. It is not only a good indicator for precision but also helps gauge distance as well. Making an actual hole look ginormous.

3. Putt Triangle. Take three balls. Put one 10-12 inches back further than the other two. Space the other two balls with your putter head. Putt the ball to a target 2-6 feet away. As you follow through, this will identify any tendencies . If you finish to the right, you are leaving your club face open. If you finish to the left, you are closing your face closed. 

These 3 tips can help in all areas of your game whether it is adding a little distance to your swing or turning 3 putts and 4 putts to 2 putts or less. 

Check this video out: 


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