Will Golf Continue to Grow?

How many people play golf? 

The game of golf has been around since 1764. Since then, it has grown tremendously. It's an unpopular fact but the truth is the pandemic contributed to the explosion. Golf was one of the very few sports out there that warranted "social distance" and met the needs of people that wanted to get out of the house to do so in a safer way. As of 2020, over 25 million people play golf. Of that 25 million, 6 million people between the ages of 18-34 were introduced into the game. 

Here in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, there are over 949,611 according to the U.S. Census Bureau . A town where there is a lot of golf happening. There are over 50 courses in a 200 mile radius. It is the perfect place for that millennial crowd to pick up the sticks and learn the game. There's a ton of resources for beginner's to start the game. Not to mention, there are a lot of golf brands out here that cater to the millennial crowd: East Side Golf, BlackBalled Golf, Bogey Boys and ETees Golf . These brands are nice to haves from apparel to golf gifts. (ETees Golf is Veteran Owned and Minority owned.) 

The game of golf is being revolutionized from the sport of the elderly to the sport of the newer generation. It is exciting to see where this movement will become.

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